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Workshop Date:
April 2010

Previous WBI Workshops

CHI April 2009

HCI September 2008
AHRC November 2007

    Whole Body Interaction 2010, A SIGCHI 2010 Workshop

    April 10 and 11, 2010, Atlanta GA


    David England, Liverpool John Moores University

    Jennifer G Sheridan, London Knowledge Lab

    Beth Crane, University of Michigan

Whole Body Interaction involves the integration of motion, physiological signals, cognitive models and emotion directly or indirectly influencing interaction, or acting as a feedback channels in the interaction loop. Researchers have submited position papers on the topic of Whole Body Interaction for a two-day workshop to take place at CHI2010, Atlanta April 10&11, 2010.

Accepted Papers

Pam Briggs, Linda Little, Lynn McInnes, Lynn Rochester, Using whole body technologies to map the
mobility of older adults

Eelke Folmer, Tony Morelli, Whole Body Tactile/Audio Exergaming for Users with Visual Impairments

Sukeshini Grandhi, Gina Joue, Irene Mittelberg, A Design Space for Gesture-based Interaction

Thomas W Hazelton, Idin Karuei, Karon E MacLean, Matthew A Baumann, Matthew Pan, Presenting a Biometrically Driven Haptic Interaction Loop

Simon Holland, Asymmetrical Multi-User Co-operative Whole Body Interaction in
Abstract Domains

Yang Li, Chao Sun, Zhigeng Pan, Mingmin Zhang, Kangde Guo, Xing Tang, Robust features extraction for bare-hand desktop HCI

Daniel Mohr, Gabriel Zachmann, Real-Time Hand Tracking for Natural and Direct Interaction

Tarquinio Mota, Nuno Correia, Interfaces based in Gestures and Motion

Nick Bryan-Kinns, Collective Body Engagement

Dennis Reidsma, Anton Nijholt, Wolfgang Tschacher, Fabian Remseyer, Measuring Multimodal Synchrony for Human-Computer Interaction

Mary Pietowicz, Robert McGrath, Guy Garnett, John Toenjes, Multimodal Gestural Interaction in Performance

Rose Johnson, Janet van der Linden, Yvonne Rogers, To Buzz or not to Buzz: Improving awareness of posture through vibrotactile feedback

Roman Damylak, Text-Based Paradigmatic Theatrical Process as a Modelfor Whole Body Gestural Human-Computer InteractionDesign and Evaluation.

Jennifer G Sheridan, Florian 'Floyd' Mueller, Fostering Kinesthetic Literacy through Exertion in Whole Body Interaction

Bernhard Spanlang, David Corominas, Mel Slater, A Virtual Whole Body System

Jakob Tholander, Carolina Johansson, Bodies, boards, clubs and bugs: Exploring bodily engaging artifacts

Paul Zernicke, Martin Nonnenmacher, Using Manifestation Mappings for Goal-Driven Preventitive Physical Health Games

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