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I am Subject Leader for Software Systems for the School of Computing and Maths. Computing is made up of three groups, Software Systems, Creative Computing and Networked & Systems Security. My contact details are to the right. My research interests are in Human-Computer Interaction and Computer Art . I teach in Computer Graphics, User Interface Design, Software Engineering, Virtual Reality, and Multimedia Systems.
Teaching: see Blackboard for materials

Office Hours and Updates
Eur Ing Dr David England FBCS CEng ,
School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences
Liverpool John Moores University ,
Liverpool , L3 3AF UK
phone:+44 151 231 2489 fax:+44 151 207 4594
Room: 6.05 Pearson Building, Byrom Street
New CHI2015 workshop on Art.CHI Exploration of Interaction in Digital Art
New CHI2014 Workshop on Curating the Digital
New Co-Chair of the Arts and Interaction Spotlight for CHI2014 in Toronto
Recent Co-Chair of the Digital Arts Community at CHI2013 in Paris, France
Recent Co-founder and Co-Chair of the Digital Arts Community at CHI2012 in Austin, TX
Recent Chair of the BCS Interactions Special Interest Group
Recent Whole Body Interaction Workshop 2011 at ACE2011, Lisbon, Portugal
Recent Invited SIG Session on Digital Art and Interaction at CHI2011, Vancouver, Canada
Recent Workshop on Design Interaction for the Cloud at CHI2011, Vancouver, Canada
Recent Young People's Workshops at FACT on Persistence of Vision - 19th August
Recent Presentation at This Happened, Edinburgh July 2010
Recent Paper at Create 10, Edinburgh, July 2010
Recent Whole Body Interaction Workshop 2010 at CHI2010, Atlanta GA,
PREVIOUS Whole Body Interaction Workshop 2009 at CHI2009, Boston MA,
PREVIOUS The 22nd Human Computer Interaction 2008 conference comes to LJMU in September 2008
PREVIOUS AHRC Whole Body Interaction Workshop at LJMU 22nd-23rd November 2007
PREVIOUS Wet+Sticky Revisited my contribution to unDEAF a fringe event of the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival 12-15th April 2007
PREVIOUS Science Week Workshops at FACT March 10th and 17th 2007
PREVIOUS had its Human Computer Interaction exhibition at FACT March 31st to May 27th 2006
PREVIOUS received funding for a second phase from the EPSRC (Sept. 04) in collaboration with FACT
PREVIOUS EPSRC-funded project Decision support systems for Breast Cancer Patients and Clinicians. Details here
PREVIOUS EPSRC-funded Public Awareness of Science Project Second Experiment now live!
PREVIOUS Tribute gallery to STS 107 taken on our visit there prior to the launch
PREVIOUS The Science Week Competition at hci-fun was won by pupils from Calday Grange Grammar (July 04)
PREVIOUS Liverpool is to be European Capital of Cuture 2008 
PREVIOUS EPSRC-funded Public Awareness of Science Project First Experiment now live!
PREVIOUS  Collaboration with FACT: including the Unmasking project
PREVIOUS Tom Berry is now Programme Leader for Software Engineering
PREVIOUS Talk on Usability at the Foresight Centre - October 2nd 2000
PREVIOUS Contact Prof. Madjid Merabti for details of other research opportunities.
PREVIOUS: Some past work on VR 
OLD Skara Brae
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